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Heraklion (Crete), Greece.
Heraklion, the capital of Crete and its principal commercial port is just three miles away from the fantastic ruins of the Palace of Knossos. Discovered in 1899 by Sir Arthur Evans and partially reconstructed, the elaborate Palace is believed to be the mythical Labyrinth of Kind Minos and the seat of ancient Minoan culture. The Archaeological Museum in Heraklion displays many of the treasures found during the excavations.

Kusadasi (Ephessos), Turkey.
A tour to nearby Ephessos should not be missed, for here history truly comes to life. Walking towards the ancient harbor, down a marble road rutted by the wheels of countless chariots, you pass architectural masterpieces like Library of Celsus before arriving at Greet Amphitheater where St.Paul was arrested and cast out of the city.

Mykonos, Greece.
On Mykonos you will find beautiful beaches, chic boutiques, and elegant nightclubs.
Beneath its sophisticated surface, lies a quite essential Greek island. Hundreds of tiny chapels dot this blue and White – washed island with its beautiful windmills.
Fide a table on the waterfront and bask in the serenity of sunset over its picturesque harbor.

Patmos, Greece.
This island is known as the site of the apocalyptic Revelations of St. John the Divine, written here during his exile from the Roman Empire. The cave where he lived is near the Monastery of the Apocalypse. The monastery of St. John, built on one of the island’s highest points, houses priceless icons and manuscripts in its Treasury.

Piraeus (Athens), Greece.
Capital of Greece, cradle of democracy, birthplace of Western Civilization Athens is a vibrant city where old and new co-exist. The majestic Parthenon rises above the city, its ancient glory still visible in the time - worn stone, and the National Archeological Museum holds countless treasures from Athens’s Golden Age.

Rhodes, Greece.
The beautiful “island of Roses” has a rich and varied history. On a hill above the charming town of Lindos rises an ancient acropolis dedicated to the goddess Athena.
Below lies the bay of St. Paul, where the apostle landed during his voyages. The crusading Knights of St. John left the medieval city of Rhodes behind when they were defeated by Sultan Suleyman  the Magnificent. The Ottoman Turks then occupied Rhodes for almost 400 years leaving mosques, minarets and a Turkish bath to mark their presence.

Santorini, Greece.
The island of Santorini is perhaps the most breathtaking of the Greek islands. The town of Fira white – washed houses, narrow streets, open – air cafes and glittering boutiques cling to steep cliffs, accessible by cable – car or mule. To the south is Akrotiri where recent Minoan excavations support the theories that Santorini might be the fabled lost continent of Atlantis.


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