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Cruises in Europe, Cruises to Aegean islands, Greek islands cruises to Santorini, Crete Dia island
, Greek islands, Turkey, Piraeus (Greece), Mykonos (Greece), Kusadasi - Ephessos (Turkey), Istanbul (Turkey), 
Patmos (Greece), Rhodes (Greece), Heraklion - Crete (Greece), 
Santorini (Greece), Piraeus (Greece)


 1-Day Cruise 
From Heraklion & Rethymnon - Crete -
 to Santorini



One Day Cruises
 To 3 Islands of Athens

 1-Day Cruise 
From Athens
 to Hydra - Poros - Aegina





A unique sailing boat over
 the pure blue Cretan Sea

1. Daily cruise to Dia, the biggest island
    northern to Crete .....

2. Afternoon VIP trip from Heraklion port .

3. VIP events on board ......

4. Private trips according to your concept



Santorini island one day cruise,  Santorini island two days tour,
Heraklion Crete Dia island cruise.    Mykonos island two days tour

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